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Colby Bluth has started new artwork for

Traun Trilogy

10.09.13making progress on the
09.10.11Deserts of Traun

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Film/TV Scoring

Reprising and artistically engaged approach, my compositional attempts boldly define when emotions lift, tensions raise, or when hopes are crushed and preferibly avoid the backseat film scores take in hollywood. See project: The Deserts of Traun or see my Scores Youtube page

Drum Session/Recording

I am available for recordings. My niche is the unemployable in the Jazz-deathmetal genre, but believe it or not this range lends itself technically and creatively to many other genres. listen to some tracks in the music player for more ideas. - Contact Dave


I may be available for gigs, be it 'no rehersal' jazz gigs or for other projects. I have a bit of touring experience, and prefer to tour outside the US. - Contact Dave

Web Development/Web Design

I build websites that are simple yet intelligent on the back-end. eh hem... back-end meaning database, or XML driven sites developed with PHP. let me know if you would like to see examples. - Contact Dave

Capitolizing on those who've mistaken me for the guitarist of Iron Maiden, i am best known for my stylistically unpopular form of death metal jazz drumming with Estradasphere. As for the proverbial name dropping, I havenít played with a lot of famous people and I donít plan on it. I compose, and perform in the Bay Area CA and work as a web developer to sustain myself in the matrix. Although i've worked hard to put out meaningful music, nothing has gathered more attention than being mistaken as a rock star.

Selected press reviews and interviews for the various projects

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